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I have a dog that always wants to know what I am doing.

And I believe in doing at least one thing every day that will move you closer to your dreams.
It has been a while since I have written a journal entry here.  I'm not even going to hint at the fact that I will try to write more regularly.  But I thought I would write a little something tonight...

When I first started this deviant account, I was working in a call center.  I spent a lot of time drawing as a way to escape from the world.  I wasn't sure what it would lead to, but I did it anyway.  I just needed to scratch this creative itch that I'm sure we all have experienced from time to time.

Less than a year later, and I am not in a call center anymore.  It started when a few people at work noticed that I liked to draw and had some experience with Photoshop and Illustrator.  I was invited to help with a few creative projects.  Shortly thereafter, I was moved full time to a different department to help with building training curriculum.  A couple months after that, I was moved over to the creative team as a graphic designer.

And only a few months after that, I was contacted by a friend that worked at a different company and was asked if I wanted to join their creative team as a graphic designer/media artist.  I now assist in graphic design projects and video projects despite knowing next to nothing about video and not having gone to school for any sort of formal graphic design education.

I am not writing this to boast.  In fact, I feel quite the opposite.  I am humbled by the opportunities that have come into my life and feel quite undeserving of them, but at the same time I am determined to make the most of what has been given to me.

The reason I wanted to write this was to say that there is truth to the idea of following your dreams and passions.  All I did was act on that prompting.  I just did simple things.  I drew.  I created.  Because that was and is who I am.  I'm not the most talented artist.  I have very little knowledge in comparison to my peers.  But I knew that drawing had always been a passion of mine.  I felt that if I just did a little something that my heart was telling me to do, it would somehow calm some of the stress and worries that daily life tends to bring.  I sensed that it would bring me a little closer to my dreams...even though I myself didn't clearly know what those dreams were.

And so I drew.  And I guess life took notice.  I followed my dreams, and guess what...I'm a little closer to my dreams than I was a year ago.

I'm still not exactly where I want to be.  I hope to continue to follow my dreams and I believe I'll eventually get there.   And I hope you follow your dreams as well.


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UltimateRidley Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday! :D I'd get you another Cake Badge, but I'm all out of points. So here's a cake emoticon: :cake:
Nyaasu Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, thanks for watching me back! It's an honor! :D
mousbomb Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist
Of course, you're a talented artist!
Nyaasu Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww...and so are you!! :D
seanrandolph Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
good luck man i hope u make it as an artist u look like u have the chops to me, but what do i know lol XD
rafiqm Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
Thanks for joining the :iconclub-street-fighter: Club

I wish you have lots of fun here, feel free to post your Street fighter work in our gallery, (remember to choose the right folder to place your work in :P)

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Ardella Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Thank you so much for watching! :heart:
mousbomb Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Hobbyist
Np, awesome work!
Elriniel Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful style ! ^^
mousbomb Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2013  Hobbyist
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